scanned deconstructive typography texture

3D Puzzle


Paper Engineering

Challenge ā€” Puzzle on Deconstructive Type

The mandate was to create a three-dimensional puzzle based on the deconstructive typography movement. It was made possible by paper engineering, packaging, and conceptual skills. The challenge was to work exclusively using paper and adhesive materials.

hand lifting cover from 3D pyramid puzzle3d puzzle vector packaging instructions3d red and black pyramid puzzle

Insight ā€” Two Sides of the Movement

Through this three dimensional structure, the goal was to show the two sides of deconstructive typography: the legacy of the 90sā€™ chopped up typography and the more contemporary, clean side reflected in more recent designs. The targeted demographic consisted of individuals in or having an interest in the design field that would collect such items.

red 3d puzzle pieces3d puzzle pieces vector assembling instructions3d pyramid building instrucitons

Outcome ā€” Pyramids with Character

Deconstructive typography was represented through a pyramid shape assembled with triangular and square pyramids. The entire game exists above a sturdy paper base and is held together by a pyramidal cover. On a visual note, the red, black, and white palette complements the boldness of the movement and adds character to the shapes and textures.

hand playing puzzle  with instructions booklet