ATLB logo design white on black

Atelier B



Challenge — Rebranding a Clothing Company

The project mandate was to redesign the logo and branding of an existing company. The goal was to add an edge to the brand language and at the same time, expand their horizons beyond their current consumers.

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Insight — Understanding the Brand

In order to rebrand, it was crucial to understand what lies beneath the skin of the brand, what their drive was. Atelier B is proud of its usage of natural fibers, its classic craftsmanship and their timelessly-cut, bare style. They rely on the belief that simple pieces are what customers go back for since it will never be out of trend. In short, the brand is bare & sturdy, evolving slowly yet firmly.

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Outcome — Raw & Refined

The logo’s chiseled corners and mechanical quality is stitched together into a sturdy, metallic structure. It is practical, simple and stands as a symbol of their core values and beliefs.

A number of raw materials have been integrated into other brand elements as a way to contrast their refined craftsmanship to their bare clothing silhouettes. Materials such as stone, cement and steel are used to bring out a brutalist edge and attract a younger audience.

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