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Web Design

Challenge — Website Redesign

This project’s goal was to redesign an existing NGO’s website. In order to improve this animal shelter’s website, the site map, art direction, and overall structure had to be revised. This website then had to be built on Webflow and have basic interactive elements such as buttons and hovers.

blue & white brand guidelinesCHS brand preview animationCHS homepage presentation

Insight — A Website to Trust

After analyzing their mission and vision, it was concluded that trust and responsibility were crucial elements for the website to convey: users needed to feel that the website was up to date and worthy of their time and effort. Their users also needed to find how to donate or adopt immediately since that was the main function of this shelter.

cat and dog on lying on grass CHS website section presentationCHS mobile version mockup on blue background

Outcome — Positive Light

The final website mainly used the combination of vivid blue and positive images of pets in the outdoors to come off as positive and established. The buttons “Adopt” and “Donate” were strategically designed to be seen first and be easily accessible. The homepage also highlights its company’s ninety years of experience and mission while maintaining a clear and clean aesthetic for users to find their way easily through the site.