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Marina Debris


Book Design

Challenge — Representing an Artist

How do you translate an artist’s work through a book design? Marina Debris is an artist, a trashion designer turning beach waste into stunning pieces of clothing. The aim of this project was to conceptualize her work in the form of a book using conceptual and layout design skills.

black book cover design in netback cover of book design with netmarina debris quote typography

Insight — Plastic Waste

Marina is an activist fighting against marine pollution. The idea was to make this book feel like a piece of her art when seen in a bookstore. It seeks attention by standing out from the generic art books while making the viewers reflect on the social phenomenon of plastic waste in the ocean. Coincidentally, that is also how the artist views her art: she wants people to be both fascinated by her work but at the same time, reflect on the issues marine trash has brought to our beaches.

Book spreads design on sandBook introduction spreads design on sandBook spreads design on sandBook divider spreads design on sandBook spreads design on sandBook spreads design on sandBook black and white spreads design on sand

Outcome — Imprisoned Mermaid

The finished piece could not be more upfront: a mermaid is trapped under the imprisoning forces of a fishing net and plastic trash. A heavy, disturbed typeface is what translates Marina’s tone of voice.