detail of red hook on blue background



Poster Design

Challenge — Social Issue Awareness

The goal of this project was to bring more attention to a social issue through visual impact and bold copywriting. In this case, the poster design needed to reflect the impact that overfishing has on our environment.

poster of flat red hook on blue background

Insight — The Main Issue with Overfishing

The name says it all: overfishing is all about the scale in which we fish, it's about going “over” the limit. We are now fishing way beyond our needs and leaving no time for the underwater species to reproduce. Commercial fishing boats employ large equipment that not only causes stress for fish stock, but also destroys large marine ecosystems.

Hook poster design on urban wall background

Outcome — Out of Proportion

A giant, menacing hook has been introduced in absurd proportion onto the dark ocean as it fills up the entire poster. Leaving an ominous and destructive tone in the bare and fishless waters, the hook has become a symbol of present overfishing consequences.