Logo Design and Branding

Logo Design and Branding


I rebranded an existing Montreal-based clothing boutique and created a new visual language and brand guideline.

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My role

Logotype design & branding


After Effects, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

What lies beneath

Atelier B a clothing shop proud of its usage of natural fibers, classic craftsmanship and a timelessly-cut, bare style. They rely on the belief that simple pieces are what customers go back for since they will never be out of trend. In short, the brand is bare & sturdy, evolving slowly yet firmly.

Process and inspiration

Atelier B offers custom tailoring with its in-house alteration and repair services. The inspiration behind the logo stems from the patterns and sonic rhythm created by sewing machines.

The Clue add-on on desktop and mobile.

Raw & Refined

The logo’s chiseled corners and mechanical quality is stitched together into a sturdy, metallic structure. It is practical, simple and stands as a symbol of their core values and beliefs.

Contrasting materials

A number of raw materials have been integrated into other brand elements as a way to contrast their refined craftsmanship to their bare clothing silhouettes. Materials such as stone, cement and steel are used to bring out a brutalist edge and attract a younger audience.

The Clue add-on on desktop and mobile.

Next Project

Next Project

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