Motion graphics

Motion graphics

Montreal Jazz Festival

I created a fictional promotional video that showcases the multi-faceted genres of jazz for the 2020 edition of the festival.

The Clue add-on on desktop and mobile.


Sep - Dec 2019

My role

Motion design & sound editing


After Effects, Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop

A cultural hotspot

The Montreal jazz festival is known as the largest jazz festival on earth, a cultural and diverse celebration occurring every summer. They embrace every genre of jazz and musicians from various origins. This promo reflects their exciting outdoor summer showcase while keeping the spirit of inclusivity.

What is jazz?

Even though jazz is a distinct music genre, it currently encompasses many sub-genres of its own. These categories can sound like polar opposites — from the slow, smooth strings in blues to the uninhibited waves of funk jazz. If so, how do we translate the many facets of jazz into a coherent promotional piece?

Odd. Free. Colorful.

The final promo featured hands playing different instruments, of every color. The visuals were also paired with sounds from common jazz instruments that didn’t adhere to any particular genres: these combinations of odd sounds and colorful imagery reflects the free, improvised soul of jazz music at its root.