Book concept design

Book concept design

Marina Debris

I designed a book cover and layout translating a trashion designer's work onto paper.

The Clue add-on on desktop and mobile.


Sep - Dec 2019

My role

Book design,

layout, photography


Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

From artwork to publication

Marina Debris is an artist and trashion designer turning beach waste into stunning pieces of clothing. With this project, the goal was to conceptualize her work in the form of a book on her and her art.

The Clue add-on on desktop and mobile.

Beach to bookcase

Marina is an activist fighting against marine pollution. The idea was to make this book feel like a piece of her art when seen in a bookstore. It seeks attention by standing out from the generic art books while making the viewers reflect on the social phenomenon of plastic waste in the ocean. Coincidentally, that is also how the artist views her art: she wants people to be both fascinated by her work but at the same time, reflect on the issues marine trash has brought to our beaches.

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